Priya Rai Strips From Bikini For Naked Poolside Masturbation

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hot Indian temptress Priya Rai looks so good in a pink bikini. The dark beauty loves to play dress up in bright colors, even if she doesn’t wear them for long. She soon strips everything off and sits naked and glowing in the sun, but even then, her pink earrings add a dash of sexy color to her appearance.

Her burnished bronze skin is soft and silky and when she spreads her legs to straddle a dildo, you can almost imagine her tight cunt is swallowing your stiff cock. Priya Rai is all personality and hotness and this babe wants you!

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Priya Rai is the Hottest Groupie Around

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That busty East Indian pornstar Priya Rai is one of the hottest groupies out there. She loves listening to her favorite bands and when the show’s all over – she loves getting backstage. This slut is all dolled up in her tight stripped dress and bright yellow heels – an outfit surely to get everyone’s attention. She’s got a few tricks up her sleeve in order to make them all hers and it first starts with what’s between those thighs!

With her legs spread wide, you get front row access to her sweet little cunt. How can you resist that tasty slit? She pulls her dress top down – those big round boobs out. These are the kind of tits that make bands split up! It’s the same with that tasty slit between he thighs too – one look into that pink pleasure hole and you’ll be hooked!

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Priya Rai Glamorous Strip on a Reflective Floor

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Priya Rai is the perfect vision of sexy elegance while wearing a sheer black dress and her pretty hair pulled back from her beautiful face.

Priya’s long earrings shine and her gorgeous legs stretch as she shows thigh.

Lifting her skirt and dropping her top, Priya gets onto all fours on the shiny floor and crawls seductively towards the camera lens. You’ll love seeing the sexcat fingering her hot cooch for you.

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Priya Rai Masturbates on the Grass

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One of Priya Rai‘s favorite places to get naked is outside and that is exactly what she does for this smoking hot masturbation video.

Showing off her decadent Indian curves in red lingerie, she speaks directly to you and encourages you to watch as she strips in the grass and reveals her juicy tits and sumptuous ass.

Once her pussy is free of panties, Priya pleasures it with the help of her vibrating sex toy.

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Priya Rai in a sparkly black sequined dress

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Priya Rai is back with some brand new pictures at her Official Website. Check Priya dressed up in her sparkly black sequined dress and heels, and as we soon discover she isn’t wearing anything underneath. Priya hikes up her dress to reveal her bald pussy as well as released her big titties over the top. Check out her hot new photos inside her Official Website.

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Priya Rai in an elegant cocktail dress

Friday, April 1, 2011

Priya Rai is back to looking like a total indian princess again in these brand new photos, so thank fucking god for that! Enjoy these photos fresh from Priya’s Official Website, which she is wearing a body hugging dress , thats not too long, so that she can easily lift it up over her ass to show that of course she isn’t wearing any panties! Its not long til the dress is totally off and we get to see her juicy juggs and she bends over on all fours so that we get a spectacular view of her pussy from behind!

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Priya Rai outside posing in the nude

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sexy hot pictures of Priya Rai, straight from her Official Website for you to enjoy. Priya Rai is outside with her big juggs looking fantastic as always, her ass looking perfect and juicy and her snatch looking very fuckable. Perfect pictures for all Priya Rai’s fans.. who needs to see Priya in clothes when you can simply admire her nude Indian body in all its glory!

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Priya Rai strips off her dress and panties

Monday, December 27, 2010

Brand new photos for all the Priya Rai fans out there just released at her Official Website. Priya is posing in a sexy dress, why I don’t know.. surely she knows we all just want to see her naked! Anyway she begins to strip off her dress and we find she is being a bad girl today as she is also wearing panties… so this delays Priya getting naked a little longer. Thankfully after sliding her panties off we can see Priya Rai is still sporting her bald pussy look, and as always looking super hot naked with her big bouncy tits!

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Priya Rai strips off her sexy red lingerie

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Indian Goddess Priya Rai has again updated her Official Website with some sexy lingerie photos. Watch Priya Rai as she sexily strips off her red bra and panties, to reveal her pussy.. which you really must go and fuck for yourselves… go on, get your credit cards out and book Priya Rai for a nite!

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A clever looking Priya Rai gets naked

Monday, August 16, 2010

Priya Rai in glasses?… has she become a nerd? Im not sure, but with or without glasses on Priya Rai, big tits are bursting to be released from her tight bra. Priya Rai boobs win the day and find themselves unleashed and ready for your mouth to give them a good suck… but Priya Rai knows you want more.. so off comes her panties and you get to see her snatch.. which you ALL want to fuck right!!

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Priya Anjali Rai gets naked in the sauna

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Priya Anjali Rai is back again in her official website with some hot brand new photos that shows off her new hair colour. The black locks are gone, but the big boobs are still there and thats the most important thing! In the sauna ready to sweat it out, Priya Rai takes off her white bra and panties show the sweat can pour off her naked Indian body! See the full set Priya Rai’s Official Website.

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