Priya Rai Fucks Herself With Thick Black Dildo

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Priya Rai has not had a proper orgasm for a while and her pussy is in desperate need of attention. She’s decided that since you’re watching, it’s the perfect time to have a little fun. Nothing turns Priya on more than having an audience. She put on this fishnet lingerie because she knows she looks hot in it. She also grabbed her favorite dong, the one she knows she can count on to stretch her cunt open and hit all the right places.

She slides the large fake cock inside herself, thrusting a few times to warm her pussy up. Then she switches to squatting over it, knowing that will put more pressure where she wants it, and give you a better show too. Priya definitely doesn’t want to forget about pleasing her audience even as she pleasures herself. Can you hear her moaning yet?

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Priya Rai Gives Hot Dildo Action

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Priya Rai is feeling the need for some orgasmic fun and to help her in her quest, she has a gigantic dildo to play with. She loves pretending that it’s a huge cock fucking her between her breasts while she sucks on the tip with every thrust.

When she’s nice and wet and worked up from her imaginings, it’s time for some deep thrusting action. That dildo fills her up in all the right ways, and feels so good she can almost imagine that you are the one fucking her and slamming into her deep and hard just the way she needs it.

Sometimes she just can’t get enough of some good hot cumming action. Enjoy the view and do what cums natural. The thought of that turns her on even more!

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Priya Rai Needs Some Hard Toy Action

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Priya Rai is feeling deliciously horny and she has one of her favorite toys out to help her get her thrills on. First she licks and sucks on the long green instrument, pretending that it’s your hard cock in her mouth. The more she works that hard shaft, the hotter and wetter she gets until at last, she’s ready to stuff it deep into her pussy. It fills her up just right and makes her moan and shiver with pleasure.

Knowing that you are watching turns her on even more, making her nipples stiff with attention. In and out she strokes her cunt until the walls begin to throb and pulse. She pleasures herself from behind and that’s enough to get her off hard and good. Even then, she’s not ready to stop until she has cum and cum again.

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Priya Rai Dildos Her Hot Snatch

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indian babe, Priya Anjali Rai, is very familiar with what causes the most pleasure for her beautiful body and she is very happy to let you look on as she treats herself to the ecstasy that she desires.

Completely nude with a red dildo in hand, Priya parts her thighs and plunges the toy into her moist hole.

Groping her big boobs and moving the dildo in and out, he achieves the pleasure that she seeks.

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Priya Rai Plays With Her Big Titties

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Priya Rai has a brief bit of difficulty unzipping her pretty strapless dress and uses the opportunity to comment on how much she would like your help in taking it off.

Speaking to you in near moans as she releases her massive breasts, Priya is focused on pleasuring your eyes while also pleasuring her body.

She jiggles her beautiful brown boobs and rubs them hungrily. She then uses a vibrator to bring extra enjoyment as she moves it all over her nipples and swells.

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Priya Rai Uses a Vibrating Sex Toy in Bed

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This masturbation video of Priya Rai is extremely sexy. The naughty babe positions on her bed and takes off her bra. Her panties were already gone.

With a big vibrating fuck toy in hand, she opens her legs and inserts it deep into her wet pussy hole. She cranks up the vibrations and you can see it rotate and shake as her whole body is overtaken by the feeling of the oncoming orgasm.

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Priya Rai Masturbates on the Grass

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One of Priya Rai‘s favorite places to get naked is outside and that is exactly what she does for this smoking hot masturbation video.

Showing off her decadent Indian curves in red lingerie, she speaks directly to you and encourages you to watch as she strips in the grass and reveals her juicy tits and sumptuous ass.

Once her pussy is free of panties, Priya pleasures it with the help of her vibrating sex toy.

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Priya Rai Dildos in the Kitchen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Priya Anjali Rai appears to have just returned home from a naughty night of partying or stripping and now she is hungry. She heads to the kitchen for a snack, but the hunger to orgasm is the greatest craving she knows. Forget the food. It’s time for a solo fuck!

Priya peels down the top of her dress to let those giant boobs loose. She loses the dress completely to pose topless in kinky back lace stockings. Then the stockings get discarded to allow access to that awesome Indian pussy.

Priya uses a big pink dildo to pleasure her hot hole as she sits on the kitchen counter and sets the goal to cum.

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Priya Rai in a burgundy dress

Saturday, March 6, 2010
Posted in Priya Rai

I can’t take Priya Rai off my mind and I guess, if this is the first time that you see her, that you won’t either. Whenever I think about big perfect yummy boobies I think about Priya Rai. She is fucking hot and this babe is always horny and ready to please us. So better get inside Priya Rai official site and download her amazing vids

Priya Rai 1 Priya Rai 2

Priya Rai gives us that killer look and starts undressing her burgundy sexy dress..

Priya Rai 3 Priya Rai 4

Priya Rai’s big boobies get out her dress so easily cuz they r really big and bouncy and she is so kinky she starts fingering her warm twat

Priya Rai 5 Priya Rai 6

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Priya Rai in a black leather dress

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Priya Rai is the hottest voluptuos brunette I’ve ever seen, she is looking amazingly hot in that black leather dress. Priya Rai loves to tease us by touching her squeezable boobies and she don’t waste any time and gets undressed displaying her enormous bubbly melons and her super wet warm pussy. Get inside Priya Rai’s official site and download her videos

Priya Rai 1 Priya Rai 2

Priya Rai touches her heavenly knockers and also lifts up her sexy black leather dress to show us her edible big round ass.

Priya Rai 3 Priya Rai 4

Priya Rai frees her round melons and then bends over spreading her yummy dripping wet snatch……..omg so fucking hot

Priya Rai 5 Priya Rai 6

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Priya Rai says Hello Kitty!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Priya Rai is so horny she can’t stand it. She just got a cute new vibrator – Hello Kitty! – and really wants to try it out. Priya Rai gets it nice and wet and vibrates her own kitty. Her pussy purrs in delight, and Priya Rai licks her juices, satisfied! See more of these pictures inside Priya Rai’s Official Website!

Priya Rai 1 Priya Rai 2
Priya Rai gets her new toy nice and wet for her kitty.
Priya Rai 3 Priya Rai 4
Priya Rai licks her cum from her Hello Kitty vibrator after pleasing herself.
Priya Rai 5 Priya Rai 6

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Priya Rai pleasures her snatch with a glass toy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mmm Priya Rai looks delicious outside in her tiny denim shorts and her bra peeking out from her top. Her cleavage is amazing, especially when she quickly loses her top! Priya Rai removes her bra and her great big tits come on display. That’s not all Priya has in mind though.. she gets out her blue dildo and gets to work on her wet pussy! Join Priya Rai for more naughtiness inside her Official Website!

Priya Rai 1 Priya Rai 2
Priya Rai pops her big tits outside by the hammock.
Priya Rai 3 Priya Rai 4
Priya Rai fucks her wet pussy with a blue dildo.
Priya Rai 5 Priya Rai 6

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